Can I Make Money From Dropshipping?

Can I Make Money From Dropshipping_

Dropshipping is one of the most easiest business online.

Dropshipping is for those with their own website and are looking for products to sell on their site.

Drop ship programs allow you to sell as little or as many products as you would like without the worry of carrying inventory, hiring help, physically shipping out products or warehouse storage.

All you need to get started is the right mindset and some cash to pay for your hosting plan and domain which you will use to build your online shop.

The best platform to build your online shop is Shopify and WordPress Woo-commerce.

To Create A dropshipping shop, there are two main powerful platforms to choose from. They are Shopify and WordPress Woo-Commerce. 

Shopify is a fully hosted platform and very easy to get started. its very beginner friendly and highly recommended for dropshipping newbies. 

Shopify is the best online shop creator on the planet. Shopify is a fully-hosted platform so you don’t need an external third party hosting company. Shopify is the best website creator when it comes to creating online shops. The Shopify Platform is specially created to help people who just want to sell online. 
If you don’t want to get your hands dirty with creating every bit of your online shop, Shopify is the way to go. 

Shopify truly care about young entreprenuers who are trying to make a living online. The founders of the company are fellow small entrepreneurs like me and you so they understand the circle. The customer service is on top of the chart.

To get started with shopify, its too simple.. you can do it yourself. all you need to do is register an account with your email. and you are ready. You will also get 14 days free trial to test the platform and see the interesting stuffs you can do with it. during this 14 days free trial, you will setup your store and upload your products. After 14 days, you should be ready to start selling if you are serious. Click here to start 14 days free trial now on Shopify.

  • WordPress Woo-commerce

WordPress Woo-commerce is the second best runner. its beginner friendly and free hosted. you only need to buy a hosting plan, ssl, and domain name from a hosting company like Siteground to get started.

To Create Your Dropshipping Shop With WordPress Woo-Commerce, you will need few things.

They are: 

  • Siteground Hosting Plan & Domain Name 
  • Alidropship Plugin. 

Get Your Hosting Plan & Domain Name From Siteground

Siteground is the best hosting for small eCommerce business like Dropshipping. Its faster, safer and their customer support is safer. You also get free SSL Certificate for all the domains hosted on your Siteground Hosting. (You have to pay for SSL every year if you host with other hosting companies)

If you want a hosting that will put your mind at rest and allow you to run your website in peace, Siteground is the place to be. This website theeaglemindset.com is hosted with Siteground including my personal dropshipping shop .

Why Am I Recommending Siteground Hosting

I migrated to Siteground from a terrible hosting I was using.. The hosting is so poor that the server always shut down anytime I have a lot of people browsing my site and anytime am uploading contents to my site.

Since I migrate to Siteground, I have been running my website in peace… My website never shut down for once.

Even my employees are happy now. Some of them almost quit because the website is slow which makes their work harder. Luckily, I changed the hosting..

Slow hosting will frustrate you so do not fall for a terrible hosting after reading this.

You are going to face few challenges in this dropshipping business.. Hosting problem is the least you want to face.  Siteground is tested and trusted. click here now to get your hosting from Siteground.   
Web Hosting

Powering your WordPress Shop With The Most Powerful Dropshipping Plugin ON The Planet

You will also need Alidropship plugin to power your dropshipping shop on WordPress.

Alidropship Plugin is outstanding for dropshipping because it give you the permission to import as many products as you desire from Aliexpress. 

Shortly, this plugin is linked to your WordPress store, You can start using it to pick products directly from AliExpress. As the result, the products along with their title, description, photos and reviews are automatically imported on your website. You can Import as unlimited umber of products to your store from Aliexpress with Alidropship plugin 

AliDropship plugin gets chosen by thousands of people all over the globe. Both newcomers and experienced businessmen buy the plugin because they want to dropship products and manage their stores in a quick, easy and efficient way. AliDropship plugin lets a store owner have full control over the business, and means the absolute freedom in terms of the store management.

Meet #1 WordPress Plugin for dropshipping business

How To Find Best Products To Start Selling 

Best products to start making quick money with dropshipping can be found on Salehoo.

SaleHoo is an online directory that has over 8,000+ drop shippers, wholesalers and liquidators. Using a directory like SaleHoo is good because you can ensure you will be dealing with verified suppliers you can trust.

 Best Selling Products Research Lab

SaleHoo has an Innovative Research Lab. This is something really amazing – they have a great feature called the Research Lab. They track the items that are selling the best on popular online shops like eBay and they tell you what they are.

This means that you can basically guarantee success by only picking items that sell well! It also includes other important information like the best time to start and finish auctions for particular items. The Research Lab has helped me not waste money on items that won’t sell – and it has helped me choose winners! I highly recommend SaleHoo for this feature alone. 

Click here to –> check out Salehoo Website and Learn More  About How it Will Help Your Dropshipping Business 

Start marketing your shop

After setting up your dropshipping shop website, you will promote your website on social media. This can seem really simple but on the long term, its time consuming and not so easy anyway.

Most dropshipping entrepreneurs outsource their social media marketing to freelancers using websites like fiverr.com 

My Personal Experience 

Personally, I use to have difficulty with my social media promotions. Fortunately for me, I get to know a great plugin called “Social Rabbit Plugin” 

Ever Since i got Social Rabbit Plugin for my WordPress website, I have peace. 

Social Rabbit is #1 WordPress social media plugin for auto-running and auto-promoting your websites on most popular social networks.

You will  enjoy smart human-like posting of your website content on social media and hassle-free promotion of your social accounts on a 24-hour basis.

The Rabbit hops all over the niche communities and draws attention to your accounts via following, liking and commenting on users’ posts and accounts. Your social traffic and conversions grow like crazy! 

So don’t waste your time and money with social media promotion. You need to promote on social media but that does not mean it should be frustrating..

Get Social Rabbit Plugin for your WordPress website and have a army of rabbits promoting your shop all over social media. click here to get it now –> Social Rabbit Plugin For WordPress

Have you already setup your dropshipping shop website? Not yet?

Great! This means we are just in time!
Here are several ways you can set up your dropshipping store to start making money right away.

On your own

Creating an dropshipping shop is easy to do so you can do it yourself. Just use our Knowledge Base. <– There you will find all the aspects of each setup up process for each Major dropshipping shop creating platforms we are very familiar with and strongly recommend (shopify and wordpress). We wrote a simple step-by-step guide you can use right now via the link.

Also, we recommending reading these Helpful Goodies:

They will help you to set an online shop up correctly.

Dropshipping shop setup service

Here is the most hassle-free solution ever! If you have little time to set the dropshipping shop website, we will do everything for you. Our dedicated managers will set up the dropshipping shop and all the main tools so that you can start selling right away.

The service includes:

  • Complete setup of your dropshipping shop website on shopify or wordpress
  • Free Theme Installation. (or your premium theme you provide)
  • Important Wrdpress-plugins/Shopify-App installation and configuration.
  • Responsive design & SEO.
  • All Important Ecommerce Functionality.
  • Page speed optimization.
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Secure site.

We will finish your order within 3 business days. The price is $150 for 1 site.
For Shopify Setup, click here
For WordPress setup, Click here

To get more details about the service contact our Support Team. To Discuss your protect.

We will help you establish yourself on the best dropshipping shop platform that fit your personality and budget . 


Can You make money with dropshipping? The answer is obvious now.. Yes..

I am making money with dropshipping.. You can try it too. Its working for me and a lot of people all over the world.

However, you can only be successful with what you really want to do and invest your time, money and sweat into it. Dropshipping is not a easy way out or A get rich quick scheme. To make money here, you gotta truly want to do this business. 

If you are really serious about starting Dropshipping and staying with it long term, Kindly check out my Premium ebook ‘Dropshipping 101‘. It covers everything about dropshipping. 

For 27 USD which is equivalent to a cup of coffee, you will get access to the ebook which will show you  everything about creating a dropshipping business, run it successfully and earn a lot of money.Click the link here to get the ebook now –> Checkout Dropshipping 101



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