Finally! A Well Research Review Of The Best WordPress Hosting 2019

Which hosting company is the best WordPress hosting provider? Ask as many knowledgeable people as you can and you’ll get as many answers.
Our ranking and recommendations here are honestly based on serious performance testing, customer support, and  price comparison.

This Rankings and Performance Data was updated in January 2019 according to our latest performance testing results. 

Our Rank




1SitegroundFrom $3.95/mthView Plans / Full Review
2BluehostFrom $2.95/mthView Plans / Full Review
3GreenGeeksFrom $2.95/mthView Plans / Full Review
4Site5From $4.95/mthView Plans / Full Review
5ArvixeFrom $7.00/mthView Plans / Full Review
6iPageFrom $1.99/mthView Plans / Full Review
7A2 HostingFrom $3.92/mthView Plans / Full Review
8HostgatorFrom $3.82/mthView Plans / Full Review
9GoDaddyFrom $2.49/mthView Plans / Full Review
10DreamhostFrom $7.95/mthView Plans / Full Review
11InMotion HostingFrom $4.99/mthView Plans / Full Review
12Web Hosting HubFrom $4.99/mthView Plans / Full Review

In alphabetical order. Updated January 2019. Watch the video here to learn how we gathered this data to ensure a fair comparison.



Homepage load
time (secs)

Load Impact
(ave. load time)

Uptime %


A2 Hosting 74 0.986 1.030 99.98View Plans / Full Review
Arvixe 83 0.874 0.738 100View Plans / Full Review
Bluehost 88 0.653 0.928 100View Plans / Full Review
DreamHost 83 1.540 1.110 98.86View Plans / Full Review
GoDaddy 82 1.187 1.420 100View Plans / Full Review
GreenGeeks 88 1.230 0.612 100View Plans / Full Review
Hostgator 83 1.820 0.643 100View Plans / Full Review
InMotion Hosting 76 1.190 10.450 99.92View Plans / Full Review
iPage 76 1.323 0.585 100View Plans / Full Review
Site5 83 1.055 0.754 99.94View Plans / Full Review
SiteGround 82 0.940 0.614 100View Plans / Full Review
Web Hosting Hub 76 1.970 14.580 99.94View Plans / Full Review

For performance testing details and our expert review, click the links below for the Full Review. 

Best WordPress hosting Providers for bloggers and small business

If you are a blogger or a small business owner, the 3 hosting providers listed below is our top recommendation for you. 


Siteground logoBluehost logoGreenGeeks logo
1-click WordPress Install
10GB Diskspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL Cert
Solid State Drives
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 From $3.95/mth
Easy WordPress Installer
50GB Diskspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Cert
Free Domain Name
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 From $2.95/mth
Easy WordPress Installer
Unlimited Diskspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL Certs w/Cloudflare
Free Site Migration
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 From $3.95/mth

Best hosting for bigger sites with more traffic

As we would see it, presently, WP Engine is as yet the best in WordPress web hosting. They are a lot more costly than standard shared hosts, however you get more than what you paid for really… with WP Engine you are working with a group of specialists committed to only WordPress. Their administration and backing is great and their WordPress facilitating foundation is uniquely tuned to guarantee WordPress runs quick and smooth. They as of late upgrade alot with more tools as well.

Managed hosting of this kind is not for everyone, except in the event that you are a business and you are set up to spend more for the best WordPress hosting then WP Engine is certainly the spot to go. Exceptionally suggested.

WordPress Hosting Reviews

Our surveys offer a far reaching review and correlation of the best WordPress hosting organizations. These hosts all offer very affordable shared choices. To guarantee a reasonable comparison we have adopted an institutionalized strategy to the surveys.

Our WordPress hosting audits, and the aftereffects of all testing, can be accessed at the links below. Rankings are here.

Looking at WordPress Web Hosting Providers

compare the best wordpress hosting

After choosing the best web host of your choice, you’ll need to pick a plan, so it pays to comprehend the separating factors, and importantly what actually matters and what doesn’t so you can make a reasonable examination of the various plans the web host provider of choice offer.

Obviously you ought to also start with a decent understanding of what you need:

  1. Will your website be a standard business site with a couple of pages portraying your business, or will it have 1000’s of pages?
  2. Will you need bunches of storage capacity for some huge documents, and will your storage capacity prerequisites develop after some time?
  3. Will your site comprise of static contents or does it give some sort of intuitive application? An application or content with heaps of database calls will require all the more preparing force.
  4. What number of simultaneous guests do you have to cater for? Once more, this will decide how much preparing force you need.

When you have your very own firm thought prerequisites you’ll have to consider the accompanying parameters when looking at the best WordPress hosting suppliers…


What Are The Key Differences Between the WordPress Hosting Plans?

Diskspace: when you are starting a new blog or intending to run a basic site this is probably not going to be a central point. You’ll only truly need to consider this on the off chance that you are running an extremely huge site, transferring bunches of media records or running an application that stores an ever increasing number of information after some time.

Bandwidth: Large media records, particularly video, are what will go through the most Bandwidth capacity, yet this can be relieved to some degree by utilizing an outsider Content Distribution arrange like Amazon Cloudfront or MaxCDN. A CDN will convey the transfer speed of conveyed records as opposed to your host with the additional advantage of better execution. In the event that you will have your very own media you’ll have to consider how much data transfer capacity this is probably going to expend. This mini-computer may be helpful. All that stated, in the event that you are running a customary blog or an independent company website with generally couple of guests (<1000/day) this isn’t probably going to be a constraining component.

Preparing Power: For a great many people this will be the most critical separating factor. Expecting you have enough diskspace and data transfer capacity, it is the preparing power your site has that will decide what number of simultaneous clients it can deal with and how quick it will react when the quantity of simultaneous clients develops. It tends to be difficult to decide how much preparing force a common WordPress facilitating plan offers, so if the capacity to develop and deal with bigger volumes of traffic is essential to you at that point we’d prescribe you take a gander at a VPS or managed host with committed handling power.

Drive Type: There is no uncertainty that what’s to come is strong state drives. With no moving parts it is nothing unexpected they are quicker than customary hard drives with turning disks.This is the reason we truly like these companies which all offer SSDs.

We’ve thought about every one of these elements in making our proposals, just as a lot of involvement with all the best WordPress facilitating organizations so we additionally have a decent feeling of the more subjective factors, for example, client support.

Web hosting requirements for WordPress

wordpress hosting requirements

On the off chance that you are as yet looking for the best hosting for WordPress you simply need to remember the requirements for running WordPress. Fortunately WordPress has straightforward requirements and will keep running on pretty much any standard linux based hosting service. In fact a hosting organization would be distraught not to help WordPress given it is utilized on around 20% of all websites. Therefore, it pays to know about the particular necessities, namely:

  1. PHP version 7 (or higher)
  2. MySQL version 5.6 (or higher) or MariaDB version 10.0 (or higher)
  3. HTTPS Support – This is the reason we generally suggest a host that bolsters free shared SSL declarations at the very least. Any new site nowadays ought to go all HTTPS from the beginning.

Furthermore, that is it! In the event that you have these two, WordPress will run extraordinarily. Of course GreenGeeks and WP Engine are all great to go. Any web server that bolsters PHP and MySQL is great, however our proposal is dependably to search out a host that utilizes the Apache or NGinx web server innovation, and explicitly can empower the a rework module as you will require this toenable the friendly URL features of WordPress. For whatever length of time that you utilize a legitimate and experienced organization then the odds are that this will be the situation. On the off chance that you are uncertain we recommend inquiring as to whether they do empower the mod_rewrite module in Apache of course before joining. We prescribe you utilize has that run Apache simply because alongside Linux, PHP and MySQL It truly is the most ordinarily utilized stage so you can generally discover individuals who can help either expertly or by means of the support gatherings.

Kinds of Web Hosting Available

Ensuring you agree to accept and sign up for a service that caters for WordPress is in reality quite simple (nearly everybody covers the essential hosting requirements), yet at the same time there are different levels of service that you can opt for, and your decision will rely upon your requirements…

Free WordPress Hosting

There is extremely just a single alternative on the off chance that you need free hosting, and that is to go with WordPress.com. You can join and have your very own site hosted at yourname.wordpress.com in merely minutes. On the off chance that you don’t know whether you are prepared to focus on a running your very own site on a dedicated domain space then this is an extraordinary initial step. The drawback is that you don’t have your very own devoted domain space, and for some individuals that is a major downside…having your very own domain implies you can brand yourself (and have a brand email address) as opposed to being a subdomain on WordPress.com. Look at our ongoing post on the issue with free hosting. There are different administrations like WordPress.com that offer a fundamentally the same as free hosted service, yet WordPress.com is run by Automattic, the organization behind the stage, so it makes sense that they realize it best. It’s likewise significant that Automattic are very well funded so there is zero chance that they are going to quit for the day or vanish in any way, shape or form, and that WordPress.com does really have a paid overhaul alternative which enables you to have with your very own domain… so that might be a decent redesign way out of the blue website admin. All things considered, regardless of whether you pay to utilize your own space on WordPress.com despite everything you get the equivalent WordPress facilitating stage which has a few restrictions, essentially as far as the plugins and theme customization options. It is these constraints that lead us to at last recommend you go for a self-facilitated establishment which will give you all the full fledged access…

Shared WordPress Hosting

This is the place we recommend most new website admins begin. Shared hosting implies you will be on a server with many locales so you share the assets and expenses of the server. It is an extraordinary choice since it is reasonable (beginning at $5-7/mth) regardless you get the greater part of the features of an all the more dominant set up. Shared designs are frequently sold as ‘boundless/unlimited’ data transfer capacity and capacity which is somewhat of a confusion in a way in light of the fact that the execution bottle neck won’t be transmission capacity or capacity, it will process control. A mutual server will furnish your site with a lot of preparing power for a couple of thousand guests per day, yet on the off chance that your site develops to a degree that it has numerous simultaneous clients then you are going to need to move up to a VPS or committed server…and hence we do prescribe you run with a common WordPress facilitating supplier who offers a decent update way. Shared WordPress facilitating accounts dependably give you an online interface like cPanel to deal with the different components of your webpage, including email setup, databases and normally offer simple establishment apparatuses for all the mainstream site programming bundles. WordPress isn’t in reality difficult to introduce physically in any occasion, yet the 1-click installers do make it quicker and guarantee that all the record consents are set right with the goal that future updates to subjects and modules are largely effectively performed by means of the WP control board. As above, we think that GreenGeeks, Bluehost and Hostgator offer the best shared administration.

WordPress VPS Hosting

A VPS server is an extraordinary following stage up from shared facilitating. It is additionally partaken as in your VPS will keep running on a physical server with different customers, however the server will regularly have many less customers and you likewise get low dimension access to the server organization capacities. It keeps running as a result like your very own devoted server, however on a server with different users. VPS plans will regularly come furnished with a control board like WHM which permits even non-specialized clients to deal with the different server capacities by means of a web interface. Therefore a VPS is an extraordinary choice on the off chance that you are an originator/engineer who needs to offer facilitating to your customers, however wouldn’t like to disturb specialized framework organization. We utilize a VPS to have our very own large number destinations and customer locales.

Managed WordPress Web Hosting

On the off chance that your site has grown increasingly prevalent, and you need the extra limit, yet you don’t have room schedule-wise, know-how, or the staff close by to manage server activities at that point managed hosting may be an extraordinary alternative for you. Once pertinent just to devoted plans, oversaw administrations would now be able to be had for VPS, cloud or co-area hosting also. It’s a choice to consider in the event that you:

  1. Need adequate ability to appropriately control the space.
  2. Are long on abilities yet short on time to deal with a server yourself.
  3. Can legitimize the additional cost.

With Managed plans, you are leasing the server as well as its help group. Expenses can shift. Contingent upon your decision of host, your advantages will include:

  1. Inconvenience shooting and support.
  2. Programming establishments and updates.
  3. Equipment fixes and server observing.
  4. More noteworthy security and genuine feelings of serenity.
  5. Worked in Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  6. Worked in storing layer for enhanced site execution

Devoted care staff and quicker issue goals could give the greatest advantage. A slammed site measures up to cash lost. The committed learning and experience of the web host’s staff can get you back in real life in a hurry. In hate of the additional charges, managed hosting arrangements can in any case spare you cash. Under these plans, you will probably save money on such fundamentals as programming, equipment, server space and data transfer capacity. Furthermore, its generally minimal effort is sure to trump the cost of employing even one innovation master. This is the reason we have this site with the world’s greatest oversaw WordPress hosting provider, WP Engine.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

On the off chance that your webpage is an enormous achievement, at that point you will at last need to get your own devoted server (however for 98% of all business locales and websites a common server or VPS is all that could possibly be needed). This implies you’ll have your own physical server hosting in the suppliers area, devoted to simply you. There are obviously numerous dimensions of server you can rent, from littler less expensive servers straight up to ground-breaking servers with a colossal measure of preparing power. The essential distinction from shared and VPS type contributions is that you will have unlimited authority over your WordPress hosting condition. On the off chance that you get to this dimension you likely have your very own framework organization asset, however most committed server suppliers can likewise give an oversaw arrangement (which obviously costs more).

Hosting Companies to stay away from

In the event that you invest enough energy glancing around at the different offers out there you will go over a lot of shabby WordPress facilitating offers of $1/mth. Sounds truly great right? $12/yr…I mean, what could turn out badly?

As far as we can tell these ‘pipe dream’ bargains dependably end seriously. The organizations giving this sort of administration may have the best goals, however the truth of the matter is they can’t in any way, shape or form give the dimension of help you need for that sort of cash. They can dare to dream to make cash by doing genuine volume and keeping their costs low.

In the hosting amusement the greatest expense is individuals with the goal that implies less help. The couple of dollars you may spare every year won’t appear to be advantageous the first occasion when you have a blackout and can’t achieve anybody for quite a long time. Our recommendation is dependably to stick to respectable organizations with a genuine reputation and genuine help. No host is immaculate, and occasionally you are going to require some help, so best to run with a WordPress have that you realize will dependably be there when you need them. Your time and genuine feelings of serenity is worth in excess of a couple of dollars a month. In the event that you are on a financial plan there are some great choices.

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WordPress Hosting FAQs

Quick solutions to your consuming inquiries…

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is any administration that underpins the open source WordPress content administration framework. The particular necessities for WordPress are covered here.


What is Managed WordPress hosting?

The expression “Managed WordPress Hosting” is utilized to describe the new type of hosting organizations and services which are centered absolutely around WordPress. Not at all like a customary hosting organization these services don’t enable you to run any CMS, they just help the WordPress which will commonly come typically come pre-installed and tuned for execution. For example WP Engine. These new WordPress experts just run the one CMS and seemingly give a superior more master service therefore.

What is WordPress Engine?

“Word Press engine” is long hand for ‘WP Engine’ which is the biggest and best known managed WordPress hosting supplier. Situated in Austin, Texas, WP Engine were one of the most punctual to perceive the quickening interest for authority WordPress hosting services and backing.

WP Engine’s plan options are progressively costly than your standard shared plans, so are ordinarily utilized by bigger, increasingly settled destinations and organizations with more spending plan.

Why WordPress facilitating?

Why utilize a managed WordPress host? managed designs are normally increasingly costly, however they offer a couple of additional items which merit the expense…First, they bargain in only WordPress so you know all the staff and supports are specialists. They live and inhale it all day every day. Second, they will generally offer propelled administrations standard, including computerized reinforcements and updates for the center CMS, plugins and themes. Also, ultimately, their stage is enhanced to run WordPress quick and safely.

What is the best WordPress hosting?

The response to this inquiry must be dependent on a reasonable perspective on execution, administration, cost and notoriety. We’ve done the testing and in our opinion GreenGeeks is the best shared supplier while we recommend WP Engine as the best managed option. On the off chance that you still want to look around look at our reviews here.

Is there any SEO advantage to hosting on WordPress.com?

To put it plainly, no. On the off chance that you use WordPress.com you’ll have a space like mysite.wordpress.com and that doesn’t surmise any profit by the undoubted quality of the WordPress.com area, as it is in fact an alternate area. On the off chance that the parent space passed on advantage, at that point all free facilitated areas would rank like insane (they don’t). What’s more, on the off chance that you utilize the paid alternative from WordPress.com, with  your possess space (mysite.com) at that point there is no pretty much SEO advantage contrasted with some other host.

Which have is useful for a blog with up to 1000 day by day guests?

Any of the shared facilitating plans positioned above will serenely handle 1000, or even 2000 guests per day as long as your site is all around upgraded. Where things get dubious is if every one of those guests land in the meantime. On the off chance that you expect enormous spikes in rush hour gridlock, at that point you would be all around encouraged to run with an oversaw administration equipped for dealing with progressively simultaneous traffic.

What amount does WP facilitating cost?

Great quality facilitating begins around USD$5/mth, however you can in some cases show signs of improvement estimating when the enormous hosts are putting forth exceptional arrangements. This value level is for a standard shared arrangement. Do not be enticed by the $1/mth has, you get what you pay for. Estimating for oversaw administrations for the most part begin around $20/mth for the section level designs. $25-30 is really run of the mill. From that point you begin getting into VPS and devoted server region and here the cost truly relies upon how much limit you need. We’re on the $99/mth Professional Plan with WP Engine, however we likewise have a devoted server for different activities which costs us $165/mth.

How to verify WordPress web facilitating?

This is an incredible inquiry and we could compose alot more on this than we have space for here, for sure we as of now have. Look at these articles from the blog on essential security.

How to Install WordPress?

In the event that you are utilizing an ordinary shared WordPress hosting supplier they will more likely than not furnish a site control board with one of the mainstream content installers, for example, Installatron, Fantastico, Scriptaculous or perhaps the more up to date Mojo Marketplace choice which is by all accounts progressively famous. Every one of these alternatives works in much the equivalent way…login to your control board and find the installer device. Snap on the symbol and pursue the prompts to introduce WordPress. These instruments all given you a chance to introduce a wide assortment of web applications, however WordPress will dependably be best of the rundown as the most well known of all. You’ll be made a couple of inquiries, for example, what catalog you need to introduce in (for the most part it ought to go in the root index, i.e yourdomain.com/) and what title to give your site, yet once you have addressed these you actually click introduce and trust that the apparatus will carry out it’s responsibility once introduced you will almost certainly login and begin dealing with your topics, modules and substance. I’m accepting here obviously that you have effectively designed your area name to point to your record. Look at our post on domains and DNS basics if you need assistance with this.

Would it be advisable for me to utilize Linux or Windows hosting for WordPress?

Short answer, Linux. You can introduce WordPress on a Windows server, yet it is normally somewhat of a problem. We generally prescribe hosting your locales on a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP set up, usually known as a LAMP stack.

How to transfer WordPress to your host?

Long gone are the times of having to physically transfer and introduce WordPress on your facilitating account. WordPress was well known for it’s 5min introduce, yet nowadays it tends to be done in under a moment utilizing one of the normal installers as portrayed previously. Try not to waste time with a facilitating supplier that doesn’t deal with this for you…unless obviously you are dealing with your very own committed server, in which case you needn’t bother with our assistance

Do I need CPanel to have WordPress

No, however it beyond any doubt makes everything much less demanding regarding establishment and afterward overseeing email accounts on your space and so on. On the off chance that you are taking a gander at a common facilitating plan for your site I would run with a host that offers CPanel.0


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