How to Create a Website to Generate Passive Income Online?

To create a website successfully, you have to follow certain steps to reach perfection. The best way to create a website is to use simple and ease sources so you can do it hassle-free. When you do not want to get into the HTML/CSS coding, it is better to follow a site which can help you create a website in a fast and easy way.

This website (theeaglemindset.com) is a wordpress website including all my other websites because WORDPRESS IS THE EASIEST AND MOST EFFICIENT PLATFORM TO CREATE ANY KIND OF WEBSITE YOU DESIRE TODAY. 

SO, Let’s get started with creating the website on WordPress.

WordPress is an online software which helps you in creating the website of your business without any requirements or cost. There is no hidden cost or coding necessary to make the website but your creativity. Coding website takes a lot of time, and you do not want to get into it because it is time wastage and may complicate your thoughts as well.

More than 50% of the businesses around the world prefer to use WordPress as their website creator. Next to it is Wix, Joomla and then others which provide you mediocre results at the end. The best thing about WordPress is that it is a free and convenient platform for beginners.

You can create a small business website, large business website, online shops, blogging and much more. You do not have to learn anything about HTML when working with WordPress. 

It is always better to stick with the best platform which is WordPress as a beginner to explore the online business world for passive income.

Here are some of the steps which you have to follow to create a website to generate Passive Income.

Step 1: Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

For the setup of website with WordPress, the first step is very important. You will require two things before getting started. A domain name which is the name of your website (e.g: www.yourcompanyname.com) and the web hosting service which connects the website to the internet. You will only have to pay minimal amounts for both to get started with WordPress other than that there is no cost involved in creating the website.

To add content, images or files into the website and for their storage, you need to have access to web hosting. If you do not have web hosting, then the website will not appear on the internet/ and to the users.

Where to register for web hosting and domain name?

Honestly speaking, choosing the right web host for your website is a major decision that should be well thought out.

Personally, I choose the wrong hosting at the beginning because the hosting company is located in my residence country and they have a branch office very close to my home so I thought I will be able to visit them in case i run into trouble. Unfortunately, that is a terrible reason to consider choosing a hosting plan. I did not know that the ability of the hosting company will determine almost EVERYTHING ABOUT MY WEBSITE. 

In a nutshell, I end up with a very slow website and my site always goes down almost everyday. This made me change my hosting to a better hosting and now, am using Siteground. There are other reputable hosting companies out there but knowing what exactly i want from my hosting company, i was able to choose Siteground above all other very popular hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator etc. 

So, I will advice you to try and do some research on the hosting company of your choice before subscribing to them. I think it should be a personal decision instead of me trying to force a particular hosting company on you. 

But if you still need some tips from me concerning the right hosting choice, I will say one of the best place to register as a beginner to hosting a WordPress website is BlueHost which is economical in terms of pricing, allows you to pick your domain name and provides very good and reliable web hosting services as well.

The price starts from $2.75 each month which is affordable for everyone. However, the domain name for the first year is free of cost. BlueHost is also one of the most known hosting provider which is secure and well-established and they are recognized by wordpress.org as one of the best WordPress hosting company.

The server’s base is in the US which can handle constant traffic on the website without any obstacle. You can visit the BlueHost website and sign up there to register for both web hosting and domain number. The steps for registration are pretty simple to follow, and upon the selection, you can make payment to get the services.

Step 2: Setting up a website

So as you have the domain name and web hosting services, now your work starts at WordPress. Now you need installation of the domain into WordPress. I will be using bluehost in this website setup illustration but the steps are still the same with any website hosting you using. 

You can use one-click installation on WordPress which is easier than the other way available. It is reliable and helps you in establishing the connection of WordPress and web hosting quickly.

  • Login to the BlueHost web account.
  • Click on the control panel.
  • Next, you have to find the “WordPress” icon.
  • By choosing the domain which you want to add, click to install.
  • It will install, and then you can go back to WordPress as you have the name of your website running.

Step 3: Designing the Website

This is where the fun part begins after you have installed the domain into the WordPress. Choose the theme of your choice to design your website by putting your mouse on “Appearance” available on your WordPress dashboard and click on “themes”. 

There are more than 5000 themes for you to get started. You will be able to find the themes on the dashboard of WordPress. Try out the ones you like and then stick with it which is professional and according to the niche of your interest. You can also search the themes from the keywords of the kind of website you are trying to create such as “blog,” “online shop” or more. If you want to add any other theme, then there is also an option for installation and activating it.

Note that if you want to change the theme later on and you have content on the website, only the theme will change and none of the content will get lost.

Step 4: Adding Content

Content is the most crucial part of your website. It can be in the form of video, writing, audio, presentation or more. Content is the main thing which keeps the audience stick to the website and compels the audience to stay on it for a long time. You can add pages to the website by looking over the dashboard. There are options to add text or images, and then you can save it, so it remains on the website. Add blog posts to the website and customize them however you feel like.

You can also add page titles with changing the font, color, style or any other thing you want to add. Install plugins to add up in the features of the website. It helps you in adding more creativity to your website without any hassle.

Final Tips:

Always make sure to have a contact information page on your website so that users are aware that it is authentic and they can trust it. Either has a phone number, contact form or email address on that page.

You want to make your website which is SEO friendly so keep in mind for the Yoast SEO plugin should be there. It is free of cost and works great to bring your website pop up on the Google top, so people are aware of it.

Track your audience through Google Analytics so that you can view traffic on it. If there is less traffic on the website, then customize the website more so that you can attract the audience.


There’s a lot to explore when you are on WordPress and creating your website. You have to make sure to take out time by spending on it completely. Dedicate your whole day or some weeks so you can set it up in the most creative way. There can be ideas which may come later, so you can make modifications to the website through settings.

WordPress is supportive to the people who want to make passive income online by providing the ease of creating a website with a wide range of variety. Also, using ad-sense advertising is one of the most important way to monetize your website ans WordPress allow you to do this with no effort.

 If you follow these steps, then you will surely have a high standing in the market one day with constant efforts.


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