Stop Waisting Your Time With Dropshipping- Start Selling Your Own Products Today

How to make money by selling your own products


Drop shipping is a form of commerce in which you are able to sell other peoples product on the internet. However, dropshipping is just one of the various forms of e-commerce and in my opinion, dropshipping is one of the hardest forms of e-commerce. It is much easier to make money by selling your own products.

You have heard and seen many adverts published by different content creators all over the internet concerning dropshipping and how it is so easy to get started… What they say is not totally wrong…

It is very much easy to start drop shipping than other forms of e-commerce because you don’t need to rent a shop or buy products upfront. All you need to do is buy a domain name and hosting server from a reliable hosting company like Siteground, Bluehost, HostGator or the almighty WP Engine.

Then create a website using the domain and hosting server you bought, publish product pictures and descriptions on the new website and boom, you are ready to start selling…

make money by selling your own products

Dropshipping is not really lucrative like selling your own product

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You can set up a dropshipping business in 1 day. But starting a business is not what make a business. What do these content creators say about running the business and making a success?

It Is Easy To Start Dropshipping But How About Making The Dropshipping Business Successful?

You will hardly find any content creator who will guarantee you success in dropshipping business… This is because most of them are not successful in the business… At least not yet. But they want to profit from teaching dropshipping anyway.

I will never shit on these content creators. They are my fellow internet entrepreneur and this internet business stuff is not easy at all for any of us. Most people fail and quit dropshipping within 2 to 6 months. So what easy are they talking about really?

If you have read any other article I wrote concerning dropshipping or e-commerce, you know I stated that I have a dropshipping business myself. The business is doing well but I don’t pressure myself to make sales every day. Sometimes, I don’t make any sales in a week. Yes.

If you are looking to read from people who are lying about how they are making 1000s per day, please get out of my website. Am a realist here… am not here for the hype. I make my money on the internet so am not about to lie about this precious 21st-century opportunity.

There are a lot of uncomfortable roadblocks in dropshipping. After spending precious time setting up your online shop website with WordPress or Shopify, you will think you are ready. Hey, you have not even started.

Creating a website is not the beginning of the business

The bitter truth everyone eventually find out late when trying to make money with dropshipping

Many people start running advertisement, paying influencers and all that.. still, they finish their advertisement budget. Then, they quit. LOL.

The truth about dropshipping is that getting sales is just the beginning of the business, to proceed, you need to fulfill the orders of the sales. What do you do when you realize that the product you just got a sale for is not available again from the supplier or the supplier cannot ship to the customer’s address?

In a lot of cases, you will have to refund the customers because either the product is not available anymore, or the suppliers free shipping program does not cover the country where your customer is located, or the customer decide to cancel the order because the supplier takes too long to ship. 

So when you get deep into the drop shipping business like me, you will know that all the ‘make money’ adverts you have been seeing are all hype. Dropshipping is not a get rich quick scheme. Neither is it very lucrative like the liars are claiming… make money by selling your own products

Have you read a lot of articles and watch a lot of youtube videos claiming dropshipping is easy?

To know if am right or wrong on my take on this, check out anyone who is saying they are making money with dropshipping. You will realize they always talk about advertising. Mostly facebook ads. Meanwhile, successful online businesses don’t rely on advertisement.

Am not saying advertisement is not necessary. It is very necessary to advertise always and every day. But this is not where successful business sales come from. If you rely on ads for sales conversion, especially facebook ads, you are just making yourself a Mark Zuckerberg Slave.

You may get sales if you advertise on Facebook, but after paying them supplier for the item bought, after your payment gateway take their commissions, and after you separate the money you have spent on the advertisement, you are left with almost nothing. make money by selling your own products

It can get interesting if you get a lot of orders though but hey, you are not the only one selling that particular product online… In a populated and highly competitive business like this one, few sales should be enough. If not, then the business is not really lucrative. In dropshipping, you will need a lot of sales or else, you will be the one paying dropshipping instead of making money from drop shipping…

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Dropshipping is not so lucrative. dont follow the hype

So with all this MEAN things I write about dropshipping, what is the point am trying to make?

The point is, why not create your own product and sell it online as you will dropshipping? This way, you will be in charge of your product availability, quality, and shipping flexibility. You can also signup as a vendor on affiliate company websites so that people who are into “dropshipping” can help you sell your product. This way you will be making money by selling your own products.

In my opinion, dropshipping will not work for 95% of people. But if the same people create their own unique product, 95% of them can achieve success. make money by selling your own products

Don’t be terrified of creating your own product. it’s not as hard as you thought. You also don’t need a lot of money to create your own product. But the benefit that comes with selling your own product is enormous and it is worth it more than dropshipping.

Learn How to create your first product

Want to learn how to create your product even if you have no idea of what to produce? 

I have been creating my own product since I was 9 years old… The first product I produce was the product I picked from the rubbish bins lol. I did not produce them but the owners have thrown them away and I take the initiative to go to the various dustbin-can every day to pick things I can sell to crap buyers. From there, I started a chicken poultry farm which I sell during festival periods. 

If you note the first product I sell, I got them for free. they have been rejected by some people, but I got paid for selling it to some people.. be inspired.. you can sell anything.. if I can sell rubbish, you can sell something useful today. make money by selling your own products

to get inspiration on what to produce and learn how to create your own product, click here now to get started. 


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