Should You Do Aliexpress Dropshipping on eBay and amazon?

Should You Do Aliexpress Dropshipping on eBay and amazon_


Are you looking to do Aliexpress dropshipping on eBay and Amazon?

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In this article, I will tell you why you should never do Aliexpress dropshipping on a huge marketplace like eBay and amazon

The reason why am writing this article is to inform anyone who is thinking of doing Aliexpress dropshipping on eBay or amazon that, it is not a good path to take for Aliexpress dropshipping.

The reason why you should never do Aliexpress dropshipping on eBay and Amazon are many. But in this article, we will discuss 7 major reasons.

1. Huge Seller Fees.

The number one reason why you should never do Aliexpress dropshipping on eBay and Amazon is that you need to pay huge seller fees. One of the biggest downsides to selling on eBay or Amazon is the “seller fees” you have to pay every time you make a sale.

Both eBay and Amazon will charge you around 10 – 15% of the final sale price in fees. Sometimes it’s more than that. It depends on what you’re selling.  And this will claim your profit. Especially if your profits aren’t very big in the first place. 

To sell on eBay and Amazon, you have to be a wholesale reseller… This mean, you must be buying your inventories in wholesale quantity so that you can get the products at very low cost, then you can sell them for more on eBay and Amazon. But if your business model is built around dropshipping from Aliexpress, you will not be getting the wholesale price. that means you cannot compete the sellers on eBay and Amazon in terms of pricing. 

2. Huge Competition

The second reason why you should never do dropshipping on eBay and amazon is: You will face huge competition on eBay and Amazon

When you sell on eBay and Amazon you’re completely surrounded by competition. Even when potential customers are looking at your product listing, they’ll see ads for other sellers all over the page.

Amazon promotes other products in several places on the page. eBay does the same thing, also in multiple places on a listing page.

Each of those ads has the chance to steal your customer away from you.

It gets even worse on Amazon: When multiple sellers are selling the same thing Because only one seller will get the sale— and if that’s not you, then you are losing badly.

The fact that buyers can easily compare you to your competition is very bad for your Aliexpress dropshipping business. Most of the time it will be the lowest price that wins, and that lower your chances in order to stay competitive.

eBay makes it really easy to compare prices between sellers. Which one of these do you think you’d probably buy?

Pretty crappy situation for you as a seller, right?

Well, that’s one of the reasons why am telling you to not do Aliexpress dropshipping on eBay and amazon

3. Very Limited Customization Access.

The third reason why you should never do dropshipping on eBay and amazon is: You have no control over the look, feel and function f your online shop.

There aren’t a whole lot of ways you can customize your customer’s buying experience when you’re selling on eBay or Amazon.

You’re pretty much out of luck if you wanted to do something like installing a countdown timer on your page, or if you wanted to add a popup that offers a coupon in exchange for the customer’s email address. This will reduce your conversion rates and make you lose a lot of visitors.

4. Branding.

The fourth reason why you should never do dropshipping on eBay and amazon is: it is very hard to create your own brand on eBay and amazon

Listen, It’s hard, if not impossible, to create a unique brand identity on Amazon or eBay.

Most of the people on these platforms don’t care about who is selling the products — as far as they’re concerned, everything is sold by Amazon or eBay. (Me myself, I use to think amazon sell all the products on their site. Lol)

Whenever a customer buys from your store on eBay or Amazon, they get an invoice and receipt from eBay and Amazon. Instead of getting it from your store.

Why does this matter, exactly?

It’s estimated that 77% of consumers make purchases based on a brand name.

So start building your brand as early as possible, and you’ll be reaping the benefits in terms of revenue and sales generated further down the road.

5. You’re at the mercy of your marketplace.

The fifth reason why you should never do dropshipping on eBay and amazon is: You’re at the mercy of your marketplace

For example, meet Logan.

Logan spends two years building a million-dollar-per-year Herbal Supplements store on Amazon. Things are going so well that he rents an office and hires staffs to run his new organization.

One day, Logan checks his email and finds out that Amazon is no longer allowing the sale of three of his major brands of Herbal Supplements — which together account for 40% of all Logan’s sales. Suddenly, he can’t afford to pay his employees. Overnight, his million-dollar Herbal Supplements business is destroyed.

i.e. These market places can change their policy anytime and they can also decide to block your account if they want.

6. No Returning Customers

The sixth reason why you should never do dropshipping on eBay and amazon is: You cannot keep your customers

Returning customers are one of the most valuable assets of any business. Customers who have bought from you in the past are much more likely to buy from you again, so promoting to these people (especially via email) can be extremely lucrative.

But when you’re selling on eBay, Amazon or some other marketplace, you usually don’t have access to your customer’s information. You don’t get their email addresses, and while Amazon will give you their postal address, they forbid you from marketing to them.

So your chances of being able to market to your previous customers are restricted by the platform.

7. Cannot Sell Your Store For Huge Amount of Money

The seventh reason why you should never do dropshipping on eBay and amazon is: YOU can’t sell your store for a huge amount of money.

It’s hard to fathom when you’re just starting out, but maybe one day you’ll decide you don’t want to run your dropshipping business anymore. What happens then? Do you just shut down your whole business and move on?

Hell no!

If you’ve spent time and money building your business, why throw that away for nothing? You’ll probably try to sell that thing instead.

But here’s the problem:

If your business is wholly based on a platform like Amazon or eBay, then selling it can be hard, if not impossible. You don’t really have a solid asset to sell — just a reputation, your feedback, and perhaps some supplier relationships.

You won’t be able to sell it for nearly as much as if you had an actual website with a domain name, a steady stream of visitors, a customer list, social media accounts and more.

Conclusion- Why You Should Never do Aliexpress dropshipping on eBay and amazon

So with all these points and facts I just stated, you are probably asking which way do I recommend for doing your Aliexpress dropshipping business.

The answer to that question is: you must create your own online store website.

By creating your own online store website. you’re building something tangible that you can sell for a profit.

So if you ever do decide to shut up shop, there could be a nice payday awaiting you at the end.

You will also not face huge sellers fees, huge competition and nobody will have the right to block your account or change your policy overnight.

So As you can see, there are many great benefits to running your own online store.

So… how do you set one up?

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