Why Should You Build an Opting Email List and Focus on Niche Marketing?

Why Should You Build an Opting Email List and Focus on Niche Marketing?

The Internet is too big for small businesses to make enough money. This is because the big businesses have dominated all the niches in the big world of internet. They do this with their huge advert funds, celebrity deals partnerships, etc.

The only chance for small business to make a substantial amount of money today, is by following the ALMIGHTY strategy all successful online-small-business owners use.  

The strategy is about targetting a specific audience on the internet and get their email with an opt-in list. Then you will have the freedom to send them your products and services promotional emails.

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Apart from you sending newsletters that contain your products and services. Please, kindly make sure the recipients are also going to get real value from your free newsletter.

Always give them contents which will also add value to their daily and general LIFE.

The Secret To Small Business Sucess Online is Niche Marketing

The strategy I was talking about earlier, is known as niche marketing. In a previous article, I published on this blog, titled Why Niche Marketing Is The Way To Succeed In Online Business.

I stated in the blog post that Niche marketing is the last frontier for a small business entrepreneur.

This is because you are not trying to sell your product or service to the world at large. As a small businessperson, you couldn’t afford that kind of multi-million dollar advertising budget. It isn’t possible.

You can, however, with only a computer, an Internet connection and a good idea sell to a smaller audience using niche marketing.


When you adopt the niche marketing strategy into your online business, you will not face any competition. YES… Because competition is taken out of the equation when you do niche marketing.

You aren’t out there in the world lined up beside or behind a million other people who are selling the same thing you are selling. You are selling to a specific audience that you have created for yourself with your opt-in email list.

Using Opting Email List To Achieve Sucess In Your Online Business

Building Opt-In List is a vital section of any online business. Every successful online business owners have a personal list of subscribers and are using it to profit online.

build your option list easily

Building a personal list may sound easy – you just purchase an autoresponder service, create a few messages, place a subscription form on your site and drive visitors to your subscription form. Although these steps are very true and simple, unfortunately, building list is not that easy.

Someone inexperienced in web promotion will have difficulties in driving traffic necessary for building an opt-in list.

Traffic can sometimes be a problem even for more experienced people.

Getting enough traffic for list building is not the only problem. Many people overlook the importance of keeping constant contact with all members of your list.

People tend to be forgetful and if you don’t contact them often. They can easily forget that they even subscribed to your list!

To solve the problem with traffic many people decide to simply buy leads.

Buying leads can save a lot of time necessary for list building. That is why many people tend to buy leads.

They can also avoid the second problem by creating enough pre-written messages to keep up with their leads for a longer time, or they can use a broadcast option often.

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The idea of buying leads is great and many online business owners are using this method, but there is a catch.  Many people don’t like the idea of their e-mail, or other contact info being sold.

And once when they subscribed, there probably was a privacy statement saying that their contact information is safe and will never be rented, sold, or used for any purpose whatsoever.

It is possible though that they were lied to, or tricked. Subscription forms without privacy statement have a lot lower conversion rates and very often these subscribers are not very responsive.

Another very important reason why leads shouldn’t be bought is that you can never be really sure if you are purchasing a safe list.

People willing to profit quickly can easily sell blacklists. These sellers use spam robots to collect as many e-mails as they can online. But instead of sending spam, they decide to earn some money by selling those e-mails.

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So, there you have it… Small possibilities converted to sales can equal big profits.

This is why you must focus on a particular audience.  You must also build an opt-in list to collect their email. This way, you have easy and direct contact with them.

Marketing to a specific small audience is known as niche marketing. If you love yourself and your time, please hacken to what you have read here today.

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