Why Siteground Is The Best Hosting Company In 2019?

The Best Hosting Company In 2019_

In my opinion, creating a website is the same as creating a home building. That is why, in this article, we are going to discuss why Siteground is the best hosting company on the planet in 2019.

Most of the stages involved in building a house also apply to build a website.

best web host is Siteground

The foundation of a building determines a lot about the building. Same as a website. To build a strong foundation, we need the best materials to make strong concrete gravel. Same in a website.

Web Hosting

You need a strong web hosting server to build a reliable website.

Listen, It’s better not to build a house at all than build a soft foundation all because you want to save cost. Do not sign up for a weak web hosting server because its cheap.

You should not be creating a website anyway if you can’t afford a reliable web host. Do not waste your time and You probably need to get a job.

Don’t create a website for business purpose if you can’t afford a strong web host server

Web Hosting

My Experience With a Bad Web Host

When I started my Online Business, I did not need a website. But as time goes by, I needed a website. then I start my research on how to create a website.

After learning some credible stuff to get started with creating a website, Its come to the time when I need to choose a web hosting company to host my new website. I did not think much about this one. all I was concerned about was how to reach the web host company in case I run into a problem.

For this reason, I end up choosing a web hosting plan that has an office close to my home. OH Boy! this was a terrible decision. The web host was a terrible one. my website always crashes for no reasons.

Anytime I try to upload even a picture, the website will probably shut down. The worst part is, this web host company is not cheap.

The plan I bought can host 10 websites so I was running two WordPress blogs on the host. anytime one of the blog website shut down, the other one will go down too. If you have gone through this, you will understand how annoying this can be. 

How I Moved My Website To Siteground

I struggled with the bad hosting for months until I moved my drop shipping shop from Shopify to WordPress.

I have been owning my WordPress blogs before I start my drop shipping business on Shopify but for some reasons, I decided to move my drop shipping website to WordPress.

Shopify is a fully hosted website creating platform. This means Shopify is a webs hosting company that also lets you create a website at the same time without needing WordPress.

Shopify is specially established to cater for E-commerce websites while WordPress cater to all kinds of websites.  I learned a lot about how a web host server should function while I was using Shopify.

My website never goes down on Shopify and its very fast. I have no problems at all while using Shopify. This made me question the hosting I was using for my WordPress websites… When I finally migrate my drop shipping website to WordPress, the terrible web host got exposed the more. 

This is because an E-commerce website need strong hosting to work well. The fact is, you can’t run an E-commerce shop one a terrible hosting server. You need a strong hosting like Siteground

Web Hosting

Before I finally decide to change my hosting, I employed some freelancers from Fiverr.com to help me import and edit my products from AliExpress using Alidropship plugin.

After a few days on the job, my freelancers started complaining about how my website is so slow and they have to spend more time waiting for things to load. One of them wants to return my job unfinished.

This fired me up to change my web host immediately. Of course, being an experienced guy with a terrible web host, I was careful this time. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. I come up with my shortlisted companies which are Bluehost, Hostgator and Siteground… 

Then I proceed to a more finicky screening. I end up choosing SITEGROUND. The registration was so smooth and easy. With few clicks and registration, I paid for the ‘Grow Big Plan’ which can host an unlimited number of websites and also offer me a free professional website migration among other great offers the Siteground grow big plan offers.

Siteground grow big plan

Normally, you will have to pay other hosting companies to help you migrate your websites to the server you bought from them. Siteground is generous in this aspect.  

I was excited because I was even paying the same if not more for the terrible web host I was using before. After registration and payment, I quickly contact the customer service to help me transfer all my websites to site ground. They were so nice and help me immediately. Within Few Hours, I receive a confirmation that the migration process is complete. 


Listen, it will take longer with other hosting companies. In fact, some take days to weeks. Don’t be surprised that some might be months. ? 

After the transfer, I had an issue with my Alidropship Plugin CDN, so I disturb the site ground customer service and scold them. I let them understand that my alidropship plugin was working perfectly before they migrate the website so what’s the problem now? They were very nice and run around for me. In the end, the problem was solved.


My Experience With SiteGround

Since I moved my websites to SiteGround, I have peace. My website never goes down again. My website is very fast now and very much secured.

Another thing is when I was using the other hosting, I had to pay for SSL. With SiteGround, I get it for free. In fact, all the website hosted on my grow big plan will have free SSL. Remember that I can create an unlimited NUMBER of websites on my grow big plan right? Cool ? stuff right?


 Do you get the point? What is just explained here is that I have an experience of using a terrible web hosting and now, I use SiteGround.

Siteground is the best hosting company on the planet since its inception in 2004 to this day

I have been in peace with my websites ever since I moved to SiteGround. Your website will not crash, shut down or be hacked if it is hosted with SiteGround.

Web Hosting

If you are not using a fully hosted platform like Shopify to host your website, make sure SiteGround is the web host you choose.. there are some other interesting hosting companies out there too but I have use SiteGround and tested it.

A lot of people are also saying good things about SiteGround.. you will hardly see anyone say any bad thing about SiteGround. But I have read a lot of not-so-good review on other popular hosting companies.

This website THEEAGLEMINDSET.COM is hosted with SiteGround. it is fast and will never go down. Anytime you visit this website, trust it will always be up. 

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